The most familiar SEO plugin for WordPress is Yoast SEO and has been the most downloaded one among the heap of other such plugins. It provides the most comprehensive SEO solution for all the SEO needs for your website. The plugin anchors the required keyword assignment and allows you to focus totally on each and every word of the content on your website. Some of the top features offered are the page analysis, advanced XML sitemaps and RSS Optimization. 

Page analysis is particularly useful for ensuring your focus keywords to be in place with the Meta description, page title and headings. RSS Optimization allows you to better the ranking among your competitors by employing your website’s pages, post and content etc. Exploring, learning and implementing settings on this plugin could be a bit difficult for novice users due to the settings divided on multiple pages and under different tabs.

This plugin for sure is more tempting than its name. Just like Yoast SEO, this plugin also has a massive user base. The plugin is easy to learn and use as all the settings could be applied from a single page. Beginners find this plugin quite easy to use, especially with its user friendly dashboard and the resourceful Help section.

The major functionality of the plugin is such that, it automatically generates the Meta tags and using those, you could easily optimize the titles of your web pages. Some advanced user features such as URL structures, optimized description and customize post titles makes it a complete plugin for users having different skill levels and needs.

Versatility and data flexibility with reference to SEO are the key attributes of SEO Ultimate plugin. The stand-out feature of this plugin is its ability to export and import data from different other data sources (including 3rd party SEO plugins). The administration dashboard section brings a range of features at your disposal which are quite user friendly and doesn’t let your website to slow down at all.

Some other prominent features include the title rewrite, Meta description editor and Meta keywords editor, which allows you to search automatically for the anchor text for linking. This is free to download and a paid premium version is also available with advance user features.

Handling multiple focus keywords with content optimization is the identity of the Premium SEO Pack. Some of the most useful features include on page optimization, SERP keyword rank tracking, W3C validator and 404 Monitor etc. There are a few known issues associated with the plugin as well, where the most prominent one is that the menu of the plug-in loses on to its UI and shows as plain text. The issue gets fixed only after deleting and reinstalling it, which could be quite frustrating for the user.

Organic traffic management swiftly and with utmost ease is what that makes SEOPressor plugin a success. It uses the latest technology and incorporates the modern and sophisticated Google algorithms such as Google Panda. LSI keywords are the most essential component nowadays for on-page ranking and this is supported by the plugin.

The app does not only help you with the desired keyword optimization, but it also help users with the addition of Rich Snippets in the search engine. Start rating in google search is another popular and very useful feature of the plugin. The plugin eliminates any need to create any unlimited WordPress drafts, as the user could get the updated SEO score by just clicking on the ‘Refresh’ option.