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We are a team of well-seasoned web designers and developers. If you’re in search of a web design that captures the essence of your business that is our specialty.

Our Story

In May 2014, Ilmigo started as a web design and development service. From day one, Ilmigo had an advantage that most local web design and development companies don’t have. The advantage of having a founder running the company who has deep understanding of latest web technologies, has plenty of connections with extremely talented designers and developers throughout the world and most importantly, has really high standards for quality of work. This resulted in Ilmigo becoming a distributed yet highly collaborative team of kickass web designers and developers who ended up serving brands that many startup agencies can only dream of.

Within a few months, llmigo started working on websites for many emerging big names like Bai and major IT companies including EXLService. The word of our work and craftsmanship spread out from our clients and we started getting more and more projects. We were also approached by many industry-leading marketing agencies to help them with their clients. This eventually led us to make a big addition to our roster of designers and developers at Ilmigo and establishing our first offshore office. Now, along with our US-based primary team, we have an offshore team consisting of creative and hardworking designers and developers from Pakistan, Spain, Philippines, Belarus, Romania, Serbia & Ukraine.

From branding, programming, graphic & website designing to complete website management, we provide all sorts of services so that our clients can concentrate on expanding the business. We help them do more with their time and resources which makes us a good fit for both start-ups or market-leading companies who are willing to work on their product or services rather than worrying about their website and digital impressions.

At Ilmigo, we know how much impact can the digital presence have on a business. That’s why we are equipped with technology, skills, and experience to ensure the websites we work on are sleek, smooth, informative, and can figuratively & literally capture the essence of any business.


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