According to Tony Haile, CEO of Chartbeat, a merchant gets only 15 seconds to hook a customer to his website. The appearance of your site needs to be top-notch so that it can attract your potential customers instantly. Launching an online store using a suitable BigCommerce not only helps you to design an attractive site but also leverage several marketing features so that you can enjoy success quickly.

In this article, we have listed and discussed some of the top BigCommerce stores that are extremely successful and would inspire you to build your site with BigCommerce.

Our List of Top BigCommerce Stores

Here is our pick for the top BigCommerce stores:

  1. Skullcandy
  2. White Shanty
  3. Cutter & Buck
  4. EZPZ
  5. Natori
  6. Ben & Jerry's
  7. The Chocolatier
  8. Kate Szabone Jewelry
  9. Pandora
  10. Rollie Nation

Skullcandy is a famous brand that sells high-quality headphones, earphones, and other personal audio equipment. It is one of the top BigCommerce stores that use a bright color theme to attract the attention of customers quickly. Also, because of its dazzling design and ability to capture users’ gaze promptly, Skullcandy won the BigCommerce’s design award for Best New Website Design in 2018.

Aside from an eye-catching design, Skullcandy’s homepage is loaded with many other useful features to make it easier for the customers to navigate the website easily. From a user-friendly interface to a quick search option to find the desired product easily, this online store provides every convenience for a fuss-free shopping experience.

White Shanty is considered as one of the top BigCommerce stores because of its eye-soothing minimalistic design and its user-friendly interface. It is an online store that specializes in selling only handcrafted doors. From barn doors to custom barn doors and interior doors, you will get every type of doors and door accessories in this store to adorn your home with.

It used a unique value proposition (UVP) at the top of the homepage so that it is the first thing your customers see when they visit your store. This UVP often contains messages about discounts and other offers so that the visitors are tempted to buy things because of the discounts and free shipping.

Cutter & Buck is one of the top BigCommerce stores that found massive success in the fashion industry. It features a clean, minimal yet attractive design that instantly grabs the attention of its users to make prompt sales.

From a strategically placed UVP at the top of the page to a slide show of different images on the homepage, this online store is intelligently designed to showcase their products so that they are the first things the visitors see and get attracted to.

Another great thing about this online store is that it comes with a “Blog” page where its customers can not only learn about the brand’s journey but also know about the latest fashion trends, how to’s and many other fashion and style related topics which would help them to up their fashion game.

Being a kid’s item store, EZPZ had to choose the theme of their website wisely because it needed to create an appeal to the new parents. And their theme pick paid off. Because of their neat, clean, and soothing home page, it didn’t take much time for EZPZ to emerge itself as one of the top BigCommerce stores online.

This women-owned business website used a colorful, fun theme with lots of white spaces to focus more on their product and less on the surroundings. This trick not only puts their various items in the center of attention but also helps to increase sales quickly to make the store even more successful than before.

Natori is one of the top BigCommerce stores that gained success and recognition internationally. This New York City based store has both physical and online stores to cater to the needs of its customers globally. From the US to at least 15 other countries worldwide, Natori spread its business to increase its sales as well as gain brand recognition.

Specialized in the fashion industry, Natori sells women’s lingerie nightwear, loungewear, ready-to-wear, underwear, and other high-end women’s fashion wear. Its online store is designed to imitate class and elegance. Its strategically-placed high-quality pictures and sales button will encourage any customer to click and buy its products immediately.

Even though it’s a perishable ice cream shop, it didn’t take much time for Ben & Jerry’s to emerge itself as one of the top BigCommerce stores because of its brand popularity as well as its colorful, attractive design.

Aside from its eye-catching design, another excellent aspect of this website is that it can accommodate any region and any alphabet so that international customers find it easy to use and buy from this store. For instance, if you are Japanese and visiting the Ben & Jerry’s online shop, it will show things in the Japanese language so that you don’t find it difficult to interpret the site.

Another great feature of this BigCommerce store is that it is fully responsive and therefore, fits all screens for a better and easier shopping experience.

The Chocolatier is yet another popular BigCommerce store that gained immense popularity among its customers. Being one of the top BigCommerce stores worldwide, Chocolatier used the Chelsea theme (a BigCommerce website designing theme) because they wanted to tell their brand story and build a very personal connection with their customers.

With larger than life, mouth watering images, and attractive typography – this online store is hard to resist for the visitors. Even the strictest dieters find it difficult to not visit this store and keep their hands away from the “Add to Cart ” button – the design is so appealing and attractive.

Another great feature of this store is that it comes with a dedicated page for gift ideas. You can buy stunning ribbons and different assorted chocolate boxes to send to your loved ones easily and effortlessly.

When she started the online store, Kate Szabone, even in her wildest dream, didn’t imagine that her online store would be one of the top BigCommerce stores one day.

As the name suggests, Kate Szabone Jewelry store sells fine jewelry to meet the demand of its customers. It used the Capacity theme to design its site so that it can create an appeal to the visitors easily. The Capacity BigCommerce theme helped Kate Szabone to create a homepage as stunning and clean as the diamond jewelry she sells. It features a lot of white space and an extremely minimal design to focus on the ornament pieces rather than the surroundings.

This jewelry site kept the catalog size tidy and accessible so that it’s easier for anyone to find their favorite jewelry in no time.

Another jewelry shop that made its way to our top BigCommerce stores list is Pandora. It is a Denmark based business that sells beautiful pieces of jewelry all over the world; its worldwide shipping and extensive Facebook ads gave it the recognition it needed from its customers internationally.

With a very feminine color palette and large images that display their product; Pandora designed its online store in such a way that it is bound to attract the gaze of its customers instantly.

Moreover, it’s “Shop Now” button with every image allures its customers to buy the look and helps it to increase sales rapidly.

Rollie Nation is an online store that is fully dedicated to selling shoes and nothing but shoes. This Australia based company was a finalist for the Innovation Awards because of their innovative ideas about shoes and the enhanced customer experience they provide to its customers.

Its bold colored yet clean online store was created using the BigCommerce web platform to make it more appealing to customers while keeping the web management part easy, thanks to BigCommerce’s wide range of customization options.

Aside from its alluring design and minimal approach, this website also has a customer review section that not only enables existing customers to post their comments about Rollie’s shoes but also helps new buyers to understand the quality of their product.


From the above store list of top BigCommerce stores and from BigCommerce blog examples, it is evident that BigCommerce themes and templates can also be used to build professional online stores to push the boundary of your business and increase sales as well.