Social Proof for WooCommerce

Social Proof for WooCommerce is social proof plugin for WooCommerce websites.
It is an eCommerce tool that lets websites show their latest orders. The plugin is built for WooCommerce websites, and is compatible with any website running on WooCommerce.

How does “Social Proof for WooCommerce” work?

When Social Proof for WooCommerce is installed on a WooCommerce website, it monitors the orders placed on the website.

The plugin fetches the real orders from the database and shows the information on the website. This allows other people visiting the website also to see what people are buying from the website. This increases the probability of directing more leads to that product page.

How does it help merchants?

It helps the increase the conversion rate on their website.
Using WooProof, merchants running eCommerce stores built with WooCommerce can show the recent orders placed in their stores. This helps their visitors see what other people are buying from the website.

As the orders that it displays are real time, it builds the trust for new customers that are visiting the site, keeps the visitors interested and adds charm to the website.

  • Increase products sales
  • Grow users trust
  • Save on acquisition
  • Boost conversions
  • Build credibility
  • Add a charm to website

How does it help customers on a site?

Showing the latest orders can help a website’s customer see what other people are purchasing or what are trending products on a website. This can help them in making purchase decisions.