Shopify is considered as one of the best website builders for artists, mostly owing to the various themes it offers to enrich a website. For artists specifically, Shopify allows them to create a new world, in which they can do anything they want. Shopify is also considered to be a great website builder for beginners.

The themes offered by Shopify have been tried and trusted to be some of the most promising themes that can bring out the inner creativity of an individual. Several outside developers have also built stunningly beautiful Shopify themes for artists as well.

Best Shopify Themes for Artists

It’s a fact that a website’s design impacts website’s success. If you are an artist looking for your dream canvas, try out these 17 amazing Shopify themes for artists.

Handart has been developed by Plaza-Themes with designers and creators in mind, making it the perfect theme for artists to show off their portfolios.

With Handart, you get access to a drag and drop builder with easy to configure modules. This allows you to quickly set up a presentation page for your artwork with minimal effort.  Moreover, you get access to eight different pre-made themes to make your site look a little more personalized, without overwhelming the art displayed on it. All these great features put HandArt on top of our list for the best Shopify themes for artists.

Finally, Handart comes with a storefront baked into it, so you can easily get started with selling your artwork.

Lookz shines as one of the better themes dedicated to showing casing artwork and other forms of design.

With Lookz you will have access to two attractive main themes to frame your art content around and it comes with some additional tools as well. For instance, you can easily customize an announcement for your page by navigating to the announcement panel. One of the best features is a ZoomMagnifier which allows your viewers and customers to get an intricate look at all your art pieces in great detail.

For those of you with more customizations in mind, Lookz provides the PSD files so you can customize the designs to your liking.

Colors is, simply, a simple theme. There is little focus on extra variations to make a picture seem better than it is. Based off Clean Themes, Colour aims to show the artist’s work for what it is, and nothing more. The outline looks general and the text options are standard; no hassle, no problem. The simplicity makes any art on this theme look great on any platforms. For minimalistic supporters, this is the Shopify theme to go for.

The Berserk Shopify theme is an easy to use themes with great compatibility for different types of content. It brings with it an easy to use builder with full functionality. There are 12 easy-to-apply site-wide skins to design your art content website with ease.

With Berserk, you will be able to display several images on your website with lazy loading. This ensures that your artwork reaches your audience elegantly and they can purchase the pieces they love.

Molla is yet another excellent, responsive, and simplistic theme from The4 team. From setting up product pages for your artwork, showcasing your art in a flattering UI, and easy-tagging, the theme works as a complete solution for all your needs allowing you to get started quickly and reach your audience through an impressive and functional UI design.

This theme is what it says it is. It arranges displayed pictures in a stylized mosaic format, which helps the artist in charge to fully express their inner talent in art. The style of Mosaic can also be used to divide one big picture into separate parts, making it seem like an amazing collage. Included in this theme is the Gesso style, which is perfect for showing off contemporary works of art. The creator of this theme, Barrel, has also included a large slideshow option right in the homepage, along with video and Instagram support.

Created by the award-winning theme-designing team Out of the Sandbox, Parallax is one of those themes that you just stare and wonder at. From the first glance, this theme will grab your attention, with the usage of vivid display features, detailed photo viewing options, and flexible controls. Moreover, this theme, owing to its name, consists of a parallax picture gallery that can be scrolled for better management. Long story short, this is a beautiful theme so a must try for all aspiring artists out there.

Wokie by p-themes delivers functionality both in the form of a theme and an exceptional design tool, giving you a lot of customizability options to showcase your art the way you want to. Moreover, there are a large number of preset layouts and designs to choose from to complement your art and presentation styles. Finally, the theme comes with a lot of features and services enabled by default letting you host your artwork for sale or blogs quickly and is easily one of the more popular choices in the art community due to its design flexibility.

Another simple and minimalistic theme that emphasizes on exactly what art looks like from the outside. There is no inner complexity associated with Cypress; it’s what you get on the tin. As a customizable storefront, Cypress attracts viewers with bright yet standard displays of online art. The clearness of the background brings the pictures come to life, and many reviews claim the customer service of Pixel Union, the makers of this theme, to be one of the best.

With over 99 predesigned pages at your disposal, with Shella, you can focus more on organizing and presenting your content and less about the actual website to present on. For a site-wide aesthetic, you can even go along with a skin of your choice. For 3D artists out there, the theme supports 3D model viewing by default allowing you to showcase your 3D modeling skills and sell them on your site easily. Stella is simply an excellent Shopify theme ready-to-go for artists and 3D-modellers alike.

Another theme made by Pixel Union, Pacific is made to be used for designing interactive online stores of small merchandise and the likes. It has a navigation option worthy of boasts and is based on a cute and attractive design that is sure to appeal to any younger audience. For online artists looking to sell their work, Pacific is a good theme to choose due to its easy display features that immediately brings out the best of a product. Pacific comes with various other styles, all of which are dependent on the medium of art the website user is emphasizing upon.

This is the kind of theme that works best in mobiles and tablets, due to the structured display it is capable of. The template of this theme works best for art galleries featuring many similar paintings at once. The simple yet appealing design beautifies any specific artwork and gives each drawing its own shine. The design also allows easy navigation so it is never a hassle to find just what you are looking for when using this brilliant Shopify theme. Credits to Small Victories for granting this wonderful theme existence.

Kalles has plenty of beautiful product pages to choose from and empowers artists to showcase their artwork in minimalistic web design. Moreover, the single product layout pages allow you to have multiple images of the same artwork from different angles or host 3D models if you are into 3D modeling right on the product page without a sacrifice to page responsiveness. The performance of the theme is excellent and has been tried and tested to load fast, as to be expected from the well-reviewed and ever-popular The4 team, who have put a lot of love into the Kalles theme.

Vintage is officially supported by Shopify and is a pretty popular theme in its own regard, which shows its claim as a brilliant theme to choose. Artists in particular get benefit from this theme due to its usage of fresh and innovative display of showcasing creative pieces of work. This theme allows customization in the form of layout settings and options to analyze the popularity of the items. Vintage is especially helpful for online art business as it provides a responsive background for many new artists to take advantage of. All in all, Vintage’s simplicity, both in appearance and usage, make it a must-try theme.

Out of the Sandbox once again outdoes themselves by making the most reviewed Shopify theme of all time: Responsive. Truly, everything about this theme screams its name. With eye-catching layouts and interactive buttons and sidebars, Responsive is an all-around beautiful theme that gives life to an online art business shop. It allows video options for the products to give them more spotlight. Responsive basically guarantees that anyone will find a visit to your website worthwhile, as long as you are utilizing your creativity to your fullest extent. Of course, with such an awesome theme, you can expect your creativity to be at its all-time high, always.

This theme is the epitome of smooth and flawlessness. Made by Pixel Union, Editions emphasizes on establishing a solid message in the most refined manner possible. Its dark background adds a special charm to each addition to its display, bringing out the color and glamour. Editions can be edited in a variety of manners to make the charm outlast that of any other theme. Like always, Pixel Union’s amazing support team makes this theme even better.

Perfect for beginning artists, Startup is the kind of theme that can make one quickly used to the world of online art business and art galleries on the internet. Its home page alone can be used as an interactive storefront, and contains some important features (like catalog handling and item display) to bring the best out of any creative products. Startup is a wonderful theme on its own, as many artists end up sticking with it.


Now that you are familiar with ten amazing Shopify themes for artists, you shouldn’t waste any more time. Go out there and create your perfect dream canvas. Be it a storefront or a gallery, is up to you. Innovation is the key to success.