It’s essential to have a website to increase your online presence and reach potential customers. Big businesses hire professional website developers to build their website, and small businesses and bloggers develop their website mostly by themselves using simple website builders. But for advanced and more dynamic websites design, those simple drag and drop builders are not enough. Expert developers and a keen eye are needed to design an extraordinary website. This can be achieved with premium website builders or WordPress as a website building tool. But before you hire someone or choose a website builder to do it by yourself, you’ll have to know the difference between WordPress and a website builder– what each of them offers and why one is a better option than the other in some specific cases. It’ll help you to decide which one should you use to build your website.

1. Coding Requirement

The first that comes to our mind when building a website is coding. Do I need to learn coding to build my website? The answer is YES and NO at the same time, depending on which platform you’re using.

If you have basic knowledge of HTML code, you can easily build your website with WordPress.

However, WordPress provides various plugins and themes that ease the load of coding. But you need to know some necessary coding elements to develop a website using WordPress.On the other hand, if you have zero knowledge of HTML, you can try other website builders. The website builders have a drag and drop option, and with that, you can see the actual layout which you’re going to see when you open the website. This visual advantage attracts those who want to build a website quickly. So, if you’ve recently started your business, and you want your website in a short time, you can try website builders to build your website.

2. Budget

The budget is also a key differentiating point. Downloading and using WordPress is free but it’ll cost you around $10 a month to host your website. But there’s a catch. This price is only for those who know coding and an expert in building a website. If you don’t have HTML coding knowledge, you’ll need a professional website builder or who’s an expert in it. Because building a website is not only about writing code and uploading it; it requires maintenance and modification also. When you hire a professional website builder, it’ll cost you around $4,000 to $5,000 based on the experience of the website builder. On the other hand, when you hire a professional to develop your website using a website builder, it’ll cost you comparatively less than WordPress.

Building a website using a website builder is easy, and that’s why the website developer won’t charge you much. You’ll have to pay only a few hundred bucks to build your website using a website builder.

So, if you don’t have any coding knowledge and a low budget, you should go for the website builder.

But when you have the coding skill, you can use WordPress to build your website.

3. Website Type

Before building a website, you’ll have to set the purpose of your website. It’ll help you to decide which one you should choose – website builder or WordPress. If you want a one-page website to promote your business or provide information about your products, you can choose the website builder. Also, if you want to beautify your website or make it more engaging with the customer, the website builder is the go-to option for you. For example, restaurants, artists, small businesses, portfolios use the website builder to create their website.  

On the other hand, WordPress provides more technical support, and it has advanced features.

WordPress can be used for various purposes, starting from an e-commerce website to a corporate website.

It provides different plugins and customization for multiple purposes. So, if your website requires complicated features like subscription, storing data, and so on, you should choose WordPress.

4. Editor

WordPress has a form editor, while the website builders have a drag and drop feature. Drag and drop feature allows you to add images and videos in a drag and drop way. This is very easy to use, and you can actually see the outcome while editing. But WordPress is a little bit complicated from the website builder as it has form editor, and because of that, what you see on the form editor, you won’t see the same output on the website.

5. Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility, WordPress has no competition.

WordPress provides different types of plugins to use on the website.

For example, if you want to start a subscription or membership on your website, WordPress has plugins for it. But some plugins are needed to be configured with themes you use, and for this reason, you’ll need the knowledge of coding. If you don’t know how to code, you can take help from the website developer.

On the other hand, the website builder doesn’t have these varieties of plugins. But if you need to use any plugin on your website using a website builder, you can add it without the knowledge of coding as it doesn’t need any configuration.

6. Hosting

If you choose WordPress, it needs to be installed on MySQL, PHP, and sometimes you may need to use an FTP to upload your WordPress website. There is an advantage of uploading your website to a host. It enables you to export your WordPress website and move your website to another host.

It may seem a little bit difficult for non-technical persons, but it offers great features like different types of plugins and user-friendly themes.

On the other hand, when you use a website builder [not specific website builder], you don’t have to host your website as hosting is included with each website builder. But it has a setback. You can’t move and export your website when you use the website builder. If there is any situation you need to move or export your website, you’ll have to start building your website from the beginning. So, choose wisely what you want.


To sum it up, you have to set the purpose of your website at first because it has a lot to do while choosing between WordPress and the website builder. Then it comes to the budget. If you’ve recently started your business and you want a brochure or a one-page website, you should go for the website builder. But if your business is established and has a high budget, you should hire a website developer and go for WordPress because it has extra add-ons that can add value to your website. Also, it’ll improve the customer experience.