Music is considered the immortal language that can express thoughts and feelings to their deepest levels. A musician is trained in self-expression and lives life promoting creativity. Thus, it is paramount that a musician should also have the perfect platform to display their artistic endeavors. Of course, in order to do that, a musician needs to utilize the perfect website builder, to achieve perfection in the best way possible. And this is where search for the best website builder for musicians comes into picture.

List of the best website builder for musicians

Below are some of the best website builders for musicians.

  1. Bandzoogle
  2. Hostbaby
  3. Reverbnation
  4. Wix
  5. Squarespace

Called the ‘all-in-one website platform for musicians’, Bandzoogle is a friendly website creator that makes dreams come true for musicians. With the help of an amiable user support and a variety of customizable themes, the musician is in charge of shaping their dream platform from the scratch. Bandzoogle has a music storage system in which the site host can keep and display original musical contents, and even open them up for sale.

Best of all, there is absolutely no commission to be paid for the business; the musician gets to keep all the money that is earned.

Bandzoogle’s success and reputation is based on a background of talented musicians and enthusiastic music fans. These fans, through constant contribution, has shaped this website builder for musicians to be one of the best of its kind for any music lovers. If any questions regarding the service arise, the support team will respond as soon as possible.

A first look at Hostbaby screams ‘music’, and it doesn’t take too long to figure out just how perfect this website creator is for aspiring musicians looking to create their dream platform. Similar to most other website builders for musicians, Hostbaby offers services like audio streaming, management of track information and easy distribution of original music. But moreover, Hostbaby’s main claim to fame is its focus on helping the musician create an extensive fan base.

It cannot be denied that a musician requires dedicated fans to build his or her reputation, and Hostbaby is the perfect place to fill that exact requirement. Hostbaby’s support for social media has help it land as second best website builder for musicians in our list. Websites hosted by Hostbaby has support from popular social media platforms and can be integrated into blogsites as well; meaning there is always a way to advertise the music presented in Hostbaby websites.

Hostbaby also has a concert calendar, which informs the fans of when to expect upcoming events, and emphasizes on how the musician can build a lasting connection with the fans.

Among experienced online music personas, Reverbnation is an esteemed name. Established in 2006, this platform provider has helped many young musicians stand up on their feet and make a name for themselves. This has been done by the establishment of connections between fellow musicians and dedicated fans, and of course, a wide range of tools that promote online business and career development.

Reverbnation has been created by a group of hard-working individuals who believe in the intensity of music and the power it has in connecting people all over the world. While it does cost quite some starting fee to get access to their site builder, the website creator will ensure an interactive online store that the musician can shape to their own liking, in addition to effective band promotion. For digital distribution of music in various different platforms, an initial platform in Reverbnation will do wonders.

Wix is known as a multi-purpose platform creator which helps online business and the likes. This ‘multi-purpose’ graciously includes support for music websites as well. With Wix, it is possible to create a custom platform which any musician can beautifully express their love for music. Through the multiple templates, options to add music on the go, and distribute without the slightest difficulty, many established musicians have found the opportunity to find the perfect home for the music they have created.

Wix’s music websites also offer streaming services, where the visitor can use the site to listen to the tracks before buying them. The website creator’s database also includes extensive information on an infinite amount of songs all over the world, and allows the host to add any and all information regarding their music as well. The transactions of the music sales are done directly through the site, and supports iTunes, Google Music, Apple Stores, etc. for the ease of the customer.

Popular as a custom website creator, Squarespace allows people from various fields to create their desired platforms. Of course, musicians aren’t left out. With access to a smooth streaming service, attractive templates, and colorful customization options, everything about Squarespace screams innovation. Its music website creator also contains a lineup for band schedules, an easy-to-incorporate playlist, and an additional platform to sell merchandise related to the musician’s line of work.

While it is true that Squarespace is not specifically a platform for creating only music websites, the support it provides to aspiring artists make it as credible as any other website creators in this list. Moreover, this is an excellent platform to get the hang of online music business and music websites in general.


Now that you have become familiar with five excellent website creators of musicians, you will hopefully find the inspiration to create your dream platform. These five website creators are all amazing in their own right, and any of them will be a huge contribution to the success of your musical career. It is your time to shine.