Change is an interesting thing. Change doesn’t happen every day, but when you look back, we see everything is different from that particular instance. The same goes for changes in web design trends. In web design space, it’s hard to notice the change immediately, but the changes never stop actually. Those who fail to adapt to the change are left behind.

In 2020, you need to few web design trends that will shape our industry. In this article, I’ll talk about these game-changer web design trends that you need to know in 2020.

Following are the top 6 web design trends that you need to know in 2020:

1. Dark Mode

The dark mode can be found everywhere these days, and it’s also popular among the users. Many popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram and most recently Facebook Messenger have enabled dark mode for their users. Also, many apps and smartphones are offering this feature to users in “Settings”. Users feel comfortable while surfing in the dark mode.

Also, the dark background makes the elements stand out more and creates a higher contrast ratio with other colors on the web page.

Dark mode has benefits too. For example, it reduces the eye strain, better for OLED screens, saves power, and increase screen lifespan. It also gives your design a dynamic look. That’s why the dark mode theme can be the number one web design trend in 2020.

2. Millennial Web Design

More and more sites on the internet have started to aim millennials. In the future, more sites will join this race of targeting millennials. There are a few reasons behind it. First of all, millennials are more financially independent now, and if you neglect them, you’re missing a huge part of your target audience. Secondly, almost all the top brands and manufacturers are making products targeting millennials. So, if you don’t target the Millenials, you’ll fall behind. Finally, due to the internet, millennials are more active on the internet, and they have a strong network among themselves. They chat on social media, share posts of different products, and tweet about their product experience. Because of these reasons, you need to make a web design that targets this young and energetic group. You can create unique interfaces like layout and mouse cursors. Also, you can try juvenile-like designs on your website. But don’t forget to play with the design. Energetic and youthful designs are always a go-to option to attract millennials.

3. Retro Typography and Colors

People always like to go back to the past, and newspapers or magazines take this thing as an opportunity to design their cover page and inside. In 2020, you’ll see this retro web design quite often. However, it’s better to mix modern web design fonts and colors with retro style. It’ll add a uniqueness to your website if you manage to do so.

You can bring nostalgia feelings by using retro color and fonts. Also, retro typography and color give an aesthetic look to your web design.

So, if you want to bring back some memories of your brand to the customer or if you want to include aesthetic to your website, you can choose the retro typography and colors for your website in 2020.

4. Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic web design was a popular web design trend in 2019, and it’ll continue in 2020 as well. You’ll see more sites having no color at all in 2020. This web design trend is a part of the minimalist design.

The monochromatic design has many advantages, like – as a designer, you don’t have to think about the color composition at all because you’re using black and white colors only.

Again, black and white color adds a vintage look to your website, which increases the aesthetic of your website.

But you should be careful at using monochromatic design. For example, you shouldn’t use this type of design when you’re targeting the youth or similar to that. You should only use this design when your website is about sophisticated things or about human feelings. This type of monochromatic design is best when you’re trying to create a portfolio for you.

5. 3D Models

Web design trends aren’t new at all. These designs become trends because they’re easy to produce or cheap in price. In 2020, 3D modeling and rendering can have become a new trend.

3D modeling is generally very expensive to produce and also costly. But in 2020, 3D modeling and rendering cost is going down, and more web designers are coming forward by using different tools to make the 3D web design. If the price goes down, this 3D modeling and rendering will automatically become a hot cake in the market. You’ll see many educational websites will use 3D modeling and rendering for their site.

Meanwhile, Adidas is using 3D modeling and rendering to promote their new project. So, this is already done by others, and you’ll need to figure out how you’ll use this on your website. But it has some drawbacks. This 3D modeling and rendering design will increase the loading time, and it may cause a problem for mobile users. However, in 2020, we can predict that this problem will be solved, and big tech companies will step forward to solve this problem.

6. Web Design that Welcomes People with Disabilities

Accessibility is vital in web designing. If the users cannot access your website, there’s no point in making a website. As awareness is growing everywhere, more websites are focusing on making web designs that welcome people who have disabilities. Many big companies in the US are sued for not having accessibility for disabled persons. If your company deals with retail, service, food, hotels, etc. then it’s a must to have a web design that provides accessibility to disabled people.

Also, when your website offers accessibility for all, you can market it for your brand as people see it as a good thing, and you’ll definitely see a good return on investment.

This web design may not look very trendy or stylish, but in 2020 and upcoming years, designers will work on this design as the Americans with Disability Act is forcing tech companies to create more products and web design for disabled people.

These are the few web design trends you need to follow in 2020. As the web design trends change quickly, you need to adopt these trends with the lightning-fast speed.