When you love your boutique business and decide to take it to the next level, an online store presence would do the magic. It not only helps you to reach the customers easily but also contributes to increased sales. And what better way to build your site other than with the best Shopify theme for boutique?

List of the best Shopify themes for boutique stores

In this article have talked about the top 10 Shopify Themes for Boutique so that it is easier for you to pick the one just right for your boutique business.

  1. Yanka
  2. Tote
  3. Belle
  4. Gecko
  5. Boutique
  6. Kodo
  7. Aaron
  8. Split
  9. District
  10. Pipeline

The themes that we discussed will not only provide you the best features in the market but also ensure the best value of the money spent. So, don’t waste your time before someone else uses your favorite theme in their website.

p-themes designed and developed this multipurpose Shopify theme keeping the various needs of a fashion store in mind. With 18+ Homepage Layouts, Color, size, material swatches and numerous filters to make your products look even more appealing, the Yanka is definitely the #1 best Shopify theme for boutique available in the market.

Even though it offers such a wide range of features, this Shopify theme has a very simple and minimalistic interface that enables your customers to focus on your products rather than anything else that hardly matters when you are trying to increase product sales.

Moreover, Yanka is an easy to edit Shopify theme. With several premade header styles and numerous fonts, colors, and more options, you can customize your site easily without the help of an expert.

The Tote is one of the best Shopify themes to use if your boutique is dedicated to only shoes and bags. Developed by Buddha Themes, this stylish and fashionable theme is clean, simple, and super responsive that anyone, from beginners to experts can use it to create their online boutique shop effortlessly.

Moreover, as it offers 5 different types of mega menus, ultimate unique responsive themes, different types of headers, and popup search options, this theme provides a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers.

Aside from just a shoes and bags store, this fully customizable theme can also be used for creating a custom shopping store, gift shop, mobile store, clothing store, and any other fashion-related sites effectively. This exclusive feature makes it the best Shopify theme for boutique at an affordable price tag.

Being the 3rd best Shopify theme for boutique, Belle will never stop surprising you with its cool features, regular updates, and easy to use interface. Additionally, because of its versatile features, this Shopify theme is an excellent choice to create an array of fashion stores online.

The 15 different homepage demos that it offers have plenty of space to showcase your most popular products, popular categories, and new arrivals to make sure all your items are in full display and attract customers’ attention instantly. Also, as it offers plenty of customization options with fonts, colors, and mega menu, the Belle can also be termed as an easy to edit Shopify theme.

Furthermore, as this theme is fully responsive and adaptable in any device, it will have the same viewing surface in your laptop as well as a tab or mobile phone

If you are looking for a more budget option, then the Gecko is one of the best Shopify themes for you. Its clean design, minimalist layout and lots of white space is not only soothing to the eyes but also draws quick attention to your products for prompt sales.

Furthermore, as it features several “on click buttons” like the social media buttons, contact information, add to cart and one-click checkout, this theme is bound to improve customer engagement and make it easier for them to check out.

This “packed with incredible features” theme provides another exclusive feature to its user – “Retina Support”. The retina support feature makes the sites soothing to the eyes and retina ready, and also looks phenomenal on all devices and screen sizes.

As the name suggests, the “Boutique” is one of the best Shopify themes for Boutique sites. It displays attitude, razor-sharp style and a touch of finesse that your customers can’t ignore. Moreover, as it is 100% compatible with all devices, buyers can check it out from anywhere they want to make their purchases easily.

This fashion Shopify theme has a generous collection of 20 homepages, multiple page styles, mega menu and unlimited variant images so that it’s extremely easy and convenient to find out just the right design according to your choice and site preference.

Furthermore, to give your site a more customized feel, it incorporates a wide range of beautiful website templates, 500+ Google Fonts with Preview Capability and other customization options to make sure that you can deck up your site as much as you want without others’ help.

Designed and developed by CleverSoft, the Kodo theme is one of the best Shopify themes for clothing because it features a very minimalist design and plenty of white space to highlight your clothes perfectly. Aside from building your clothing site, this extremely responsive theme can also be used to design other boutique sites effectively and easily.

Moreover, as it supports large product collections with larger images and AJAX filtering, this Shopify theme is also suitable for medium to large online stores. With the help of the AJAX filtering, your customers can filter through your large collections and find just the right product for them quite easily.

In addition to the filtering feature, this theme also offers powerful page builder, clever mega-menus, mobile optimization and unlimited category layouts to make your site building even more efficient.

If you want to use the best Shopify theme for Boutique that comes with a feminine touch then the Aaron theme is your best choice. This brightly colored theme with an adequate amount of white space is the perfect canvas to display your items and attract the gaze of the customers easily.

Aside from the appearance, it comes with more than a few intuitive features required to successfully run any online stores. Using the Drag & Drop builder, you can always change the home page layout and create a site with a more personal touch.

Furthermore, this theme comes with other amazing features like product slider, product sale label, and various styles of mega menu and carousel option to showcase your products precisely to make quick sales.

When you are an indie brand and have an engaging story to tell to your users, try out the Split theme. Krown Themes designed and developed this amazing theme with the intention to walk your customers through the journey of your business using images.

This walkthrough not only makes your customer well informed about your brand but also helps to build a relationship with them so that they have incredible trust in your store.

Moreover, this theme provides a dedicated Customer testimonials section so that the users can share their thoughts and feedback about your product which in turn, helps to promote your business.

If you have a solid collection of products to showcase to your customers, never shy away from using the District theme; being the number 9 best Shopify theme for Boutique in this list. And trust me when I say this, all the features it has, it won’t disappoint you a bit. From a slideshow option to display multiple products or brand images on your home page to marketing popups for full-screen promotional messages, this theme provides you all to improve your site’s performance as well as the sales.

Additionally, with its customizable content sections on the home page, the Drop-down navigation option and the color swatches support, you can always tailor your site according to your preference for more viewer engagements.

The Pipeline is definitely the best Shopify theme for Boutique to use in your online store if you have large inventory counts. Its multi-column menu with a simple navigation area and a modular-style home page enable users to navigate through your store easily and find their desired products quickly. It also includes an advanced product filtering system that helps your customers to filter products by type, color, size or gender for prompt search.

Another great feature of this theme is its Parallax effect. This advanced effect not only keeps the site fast and responsive but also creates an animated depth effect for a better view.


Now that you know the 10 best Shopify themes for your online boutique store, we are sure that you would be able to design your site much better now that you know which of them is the best Shopify Theme for Boutique and meets your requirements.