How to Fix – hfeed Warning: At least one field must be set for HatomEntry

When using the Google Rich Snippet Tool a warning of hatom-feed shows up in Extracted structured data section if the tool is unable to extract the information “entery-title”, “updated” and “author” from the webpage you are testing.

If the tool is unable to extract information of all three fields from webpage it shows following warnings;

  • Warning: At least one field must be set for HatomEntry
  • Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”.
  • Warning: Missing required field “updated”.
  • Warning: Missing required hCard “author”.
Hatom-Feed Warning
If Google Rich Snippet Tool is able to extract information from one or two fields it shows warning for only missing fields.


You need to provide rich snippet tool these three fields to remove these warnings. WordPress users need to modify single.php in their theme folder to remove this warning.

Fixing Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”:

The title of your post which is mostly enclosed in header tags needs to include a class attribute. If it already has a class attribute then append “entry-title” without quotes to it.

Page Title

For WordPress users:

Open single.php located in your theme folder and find. If it is not enclosed in header tag then wrap it into a header tag and add class attribute with value “entry-title”.

Fixing Warning: Missing required field “updated”:

To remove this warning you need to have a date of content update. The date needs to be closed in a span tag with attribute.


For WordPress users:

In your single.php file find the_time or echo get_the_date(); and enclose it into a span tag with attribute.


Fixing Warning: Missing required hCard “author”:

To fix the missing hCard “author” warning add enclose the author name into following span tags.

Author Name

For WordPress users:

In single.php find the_author(); or the_author_posts_link(); and replace it with anyone of following lines.


Hatom-Feed Warning Fixed

Hatom-Feed Warning Fixed

If the problem persist or you have any question please post them into comments.


  1. Well it depends on


    class of your theme. I recommend you to use

    class="post-title entry-title"


  2. Thanks.. now I can solve the problem in my blog.. finally hCard Author error is fixed.

  3. Hi There.

    Great and clean guide. I do not know why but everything works ok while testing but when checking home page errors still appeaser.

    Its 2nd month of waiting for Image in Search results :(

  4. Found these errors and implemented your way, but failed to clean the errors. Please help me.

  5. Thanks a lot! Worked perfectly. Google authorship is working fine now…

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for posting this! Unfortunately, it’s online fixing 2 out of 3 issues – I’m still seeing an error for the ‘entry-title’ which is frustrating. Think it may be a WP theme issue but developer is out of ideas.

  7. Thanks for this! I have been able to fix 2/3 of them but I cannot seem to get the ‘Header Tag’ created for the entry-title one.

  8. DOH! I found it scratch that….early morning! Thanks for this post!

  9. how to fix the errors on swift basic wordpress theme? The codes of author and date updated aren’t in the list. How should I do to fix them? Thanks before

    • Hi Walter,

      Did you find an answer to your question re: the Swift Basic theme? I have the same issue and none of the other solutions seem to work.


  10. Hi…I see no one answered your question…I came across this post looking for the same answer as yourself…I also use Genesis…I should have stayed with thesis – never had half the problems I have had with Genesis. I would like to know the answer to this as well.

    • Any idea how to fix these errors using thesis theme

  11. Hi, What happens if you do not have a single.php file to edit? We use the Genesis and child theme magazine but nothing to edit in the child theme and when going to parent theme genesis, the single.php has nothing to edit and says don’t add anything here or it will break :(

  12. @Kaleem Sajid thank you it help me out on my website.

    Now the only problem i have is
    Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.

    If you have any ideas let me know


  13. Thanks for giving me the perfect solution.

  14. Hello Kaleem, I do not have a single.php in my child theme (Lifestyle) but there is one in my parent theme (Genesis). However, it is blank (see below). How do I create a single.php file and should it be in the parent or the child folder?

     WARNING: This file is part of the core Genesis framework. DO NOT edit
     this file under any circumstances. Please do all modifications
     in the form of a child theme.
     * This file handles posts, but only exists for the sake of
     * child theme forward compatibility.
     * This file is a core Genesis file and should not be edited.
     * @category Genesis
     * @package  Templates
     * @author   StudioPress
     * @license GPL v2.0 (or later)
     * @link
  15. Excellent! Kudos to your solution. BTW for all above, different theme vendors use code sets in files other than single.php and may break up the tag code … so do a search on the site files for “title” and “date” to find the specific files used by a vendor, and modify those files/snippets accordingly.

  16. It works really well, thanks very much.

  17. excellent, thanks a lot for this. I’m all valid now :)

  18. Thanks, This is a nice article, was of help for me.

  19. Thank you very much. I have just solved the required missing problems with your suggestion. It is working nice with my website theme. Thanks for your help. If you have any suggestion regarding my website I will be grateful to you.

  20. I’ve tried a lot of tutorials, but no one can help me until I found this one. Thank you very much.

  21. Thanks for your info! Very useful!

  22. Hi I have this problema in the web pages and the posts work fine. Any idea where I have to update above code? best regards, Bea

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  26. Hi,

    i tried the above suggestions but it still tells me i am missing fields and hcard.

    i found the strings you specified above but somehow it doesnt work or i implemented it wrong. can you give me a hand?

    thas is the original code without modifications:

    | | | <a href="”>

    that are my modifications to it:

    | | | <a href="”>

    what did i miss?

    • Oh,

      it cuts out the code in my comment. so its not visible. can anybody help me resolve that issue please?

  27. I guess it worked. had to delete cache on the server…thank you for the tutorial :)